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About us:


Nam Wei Development Co., Ltd. started a land development business in the Laotian capital, Vientiane, in 2009; then on the 30th of October of the same year, the Ministry of Planning and Investment of the central government of Laos officially ratified the establishment of the free-trade industrial economic zone VITA PARK.


The park is a joint partnership venture between the Laos Government, holding 30% ownership, and Nam Wei Development Co., Ltd., holding 70% ownership. Phase I of the park project covers an area of 110 hectares of park area; in the future, expansion projects shall see to the development of another 500 hectares of park land.


There are 44 companies invested in the park up till now, which 15 companies among them have completed their plant facilities and started operation. There is a contract between the government and us on the provision of 500 hectares of land area for future expansion.


The commercial zone, the institute of technology, the wastewater treatment plant and the other facilities within Vita Park will begin construction. According to the contract signed with the government, it is expected to transform Vita Park into one-stop Park internationally in the next five years in order to satisfy everyone’s essential needs. According to the government policy, the entrepreneur and their employees of the park as well as the residents of adjacent villages will enjoy the benefit from this development.



















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